Lunch is On Me

4 min readJul 22


Bill’s over-booked schedule meant that taking her in a clandestine lunch-time tryst would satisfy his overwhelming need.

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

“I hope I remembered everything on your hamburger. How can you eat your burger with all that stuff, plus mayo is beyond me.” Kimberly handed him the bag & drink as she climbed into the back seat of his SUV, parked at the far end of the parking lot. The soft leather upholstery hugged her body as her skirt slid up her soft, smooth thighs.

“I will wait to eat until I drive back to work, I’m sure I’ll have worked up an appetite. You’re the only taste I’ve been craving since last week.” Bill pulled her into his waiting arms as he used his fob to lock the doors. Deeply tinted back windows allowed them the privacy they both needed today. His kiss was urgent and demanding. His welcome invasion of her mouth was an assault to her senses.

The taste of his mouth was sweet and heady. Wet tongues collided in a phrenic duel of need, desire and possession. He captured her lip between his teeth as a hand pulled up her collared shirt, and exposing a black silk bra. Breasts strained as her breath increased in depth and pace. Powerful fingers captured a rosy nipple in one fluid movement. He freed her breasts for his delight and enjoyment. Kimberly let a gasp of delighted approval escape her lips, as her own hands worked his belt and fly. His head moved to take her breast in his hot, mouth, salivating with his professed hunger for her body and soul.

Enjoying the relative seclusion of the second row of seats in his big SUV, he pulled her shirt fully off her body with bra in tow. When she sat beside him, bare from the waist up, skirt drawn gathered around her hips, he paused to gaze at her timeless beauty. Bill marveled at his fortune. Sharing his love with her these last few years – these last challenging years — had been a lifesaver. He would never allow the world to tear her from him.

Moving to assist her needful actions, he finished unfastening his pants and slid them, along with his shorts, past his knees. “Come to Daddy Baby. I need to fill you up with my thick fuck meat.” His voice deep, with a slow dreamy drawl.

She knew he needed her to obey his sexual commands at once today, more than ever before. His busy, stress-filled schedule was taking it’s toll. Before sliding over to take her position atop his thick veined cock, directly behind the driver’s seat, she wetted her soft, full lips, and took his fully erect rod deep in her throat. In and out; in and out; in and out. Her head bobbed as she deep throated him to the brink of ejaculation. Milking his heavy, full balls, he let loose a littany of deliciously perverse profanities. His hands pulling her long, light brown hair, as tightly as if he were a drowning man.

“Get over here with your sloppy pussy FUCKA! Daddy need to ram my meat in your pussy until your eyes roll into the back of your head.” Bill’s hand grabbed a nipple and twisted it painfully as he pulled her over the center console to his waiting cock. He positioned her facing away from him as he leaned back into the supple leather. His own hips thrusting deeply as he moved her in concert with the motion of his granite manhood.

The sound of Kimberly’s building orgasm drove him to take her to her edge. His thumb, finding her swollen clit, jacked her button until she was crying out in need of relief.

“Cum for Daddy Baby! Let me feel your cunt grip my cock like a vice MOTHOFUCKAR!” He growled in her ear as she began to cum. His own orgasm filled her immediately as great waves of molten jizz shot deep in her box, spilling down her leg, over the seat and onto the floormat. She squirted over his cock and balls, joining the mix of hot fuck cream.
They stayed joined together for what seemed an eternity. When then could delay no longer, Bill kissed her neck. “Never despair My Love. We will get through this. I love you.”

Six minutes later Kimberly exited his SUV. Clothing in perfect order, hair in place. She held in her hand her own bag of food. My God, he was right, she had worked up quite an appetite.