Late Evening Lesson in the Corner Office

7 min readMay 29, 2023


Photo by Klara Kulikova on Unsplash

“I said I would be home as soon as I wrapped up this meeting. Why on Earth did you come all the way out here?” Michael’s voice was terse as he quietly spoke into his phone. He had stepped out of the teleconference room at the urging of Security and the near constant ringing of his phone. His beautiful Baby could certainly be a brat, but tonight she was going above and beyond - even for her delicious standards. Cutting her off before she could say a single word, “I am going to have Security escort you to my office. You are to wait there until this meeting is over. I will address this with when I’m finished.”

Not waiting for a reply he ended the call, thanked the Security Officer standing beside him and asked him to escort her to his office. “I shouldn’t be longer than fifteen minutes. I don’t want her leaving my office under any circumstances until this meeting is over.” As he turned to re-enter the teleconference room, he mouthed the word Thank you.

Twenty minutes later, after seeing all the other attendees to the elevator for the night, he alone returned to his now-occupied office. Through the decorative glass wall, he could see her sitting in his chair, her back was to the door. Etched geometric designs obscured the occupants of the office from view. If you knew where to stand and took full advantage of the – terrain – both occupants and voyeur were visible.

Slowly his chair turned, he could see the heel of her elegantly shaped foot and shoe hooked in the seat of his chair, the other on the floor rocking back and forth. She wore no panties. Her skirt was gathered around her hips. Long, nimble fingers stroked hungry lips and clit as light glistened off the moistness dripping from her fully aroused cunt. She bit into her bottom lip as his cock threatened to shatter the glass like a battering ram.

At the far end of the hall, he could see the dutiful Security Guard waiting. “Do you need anything else tonight, Sir?” Giving a wave and shake off his head, his message was immediately understood. Michael needed no additional assistance from the non-threatening lady. The Security Guard rang for the elevator and departed within seconds. He turned his attention fully back to this beautiful brat. Right now, he was at a loss regarding her repeated violations of his workday and workspace. “What the fuck am I going to do with you, precious?“

Without warning, he boldly strode into the room. His sudden entrance caught her by surprise with her fingers buried deep in her own pussy. “You invite yourself to my office and can’t be bothered to wait for your host?”

“MICHAEL! - I was – just waiting, it was, is –” Clearly flustered, she stood up to greet him and straighten her dress. Her heel caught in the corner of his chair as she fell into his arms.

He sat her on the side of his desk, adjusting her skirt so that her bare ass was next to the soft wood. “I see no reason that your skirt should be in my way when you clearly wanted it out of your own.” His tone was clipped with an authority she had not heard in a long time.

She leaned towards him for a kiss. “I don’t believe you have earned a kiss today, do you?” When a pout began to cross her beautiful features he reminded her, “You came to my office when I explicitly asked you to wait at home until my meeting was finished. Now we have two cars?“

She interrupted. “I took an Uber.”

“Wasting money on an Uber is supposed to make this magically better?” His frustration was growing. “You wanted to see who I was fucking in my office. Is that correct?” The look on her face told him he had struck gold. He had no idea how many times he had to tell her that there was no one but her – how many WAYS he could demonstrate his devotion to his beautiful brat. She didn’t believe she had captured his heart.

On your knees.” His change in tactic may have a chance where his other attempts had wholly failed. He pulled her roughly off his desk and with hands on both her shoulders and forced her to the floor in front of him. “Perhaps IT IS time to see if you can measure up.”

Unzipping his pants, he pulled out just enough thick, angry meat to gag her. “Suck bitch – and this time – I don’t want a DROP of jizz anywhere but down your throat.”

He wrapped his fingers tightly in the mass of unruly curls atop her head. Pulling her head down in his cock, he felt his shaft slide down the length of her throat – he felt her gap for air as he took up every inch of space. Her tongue moved of its own accord as he thrust in her mouth repeatedly. “Do you feel like the office slut yet? Like my daytime whore?” He was purposely taunting her – baiting her – he wanted to drive the notion of his having someone in the side far from her mind. He pulled her hair until tears welled in her eyes, still he fucked her mouth like she was a prostitute he had brought to his office for a quick blowjob.

Get the FUCK UP!” As soon as she stood her spun her around and bent her over his desk. Throwing her skirt over her back he was the one now on his knees. His long, wet, skillful tongue probed her entire sex. He bit her swollen clit before sucking until she came – squirting over his face as his tongue in turn invaded her cunt before he turned his attention to eating her ass. As she squirmed his big hand came down hard on her thigh with a swift and stinging blow. “Since WHEN do you thrash around like an inexperienced schoolgirl?” As quickly as she had begun squirming she stilled her movements, bringing herself once again under control. “That’s more like it. I will NOT warn you again!” He returned to finish his delightful task in relative peace.

Despite his admonitions and extraordinarily stern treatment, she was positively dripping.

Michael stood unbuckled his pants and removed his fully erect, and hungry cock. Stepping forward, he rubbed his thick helmeted head the length of her soaking and glistening sex. As he came to rest on her button, she let out what was a cross between a gasp and moan. He knew her wonton desire for him and to have his wide girth fill her ass in such a forbidden location.

Looking up he saw a shadow at the decorative etched glass. Someone was enjoying the intimate and provocative show. That knowledge did not deter him – in fact it had quite the opposite effect. With renewed swagger, Michael guided his iron rod in her ass as his other hand pulled her hips toward him. She gripped the sides of his desk and arched her back, offering her ass to him in a truly submissive posture.

“That’s it Baby. Daddy needs your fucking ass. Daddy needs your MOTHOFUCKING shitholeI need to bury my fat meat deep in your ass as you beg me to MILK your fat titties you FUCKING WHORE!

He did not pause as he pushed his head, then thick cock deep in her ass. Moaning as she accepted every inch of him, he knew she was near climax herself. Reaching around, he found her thick, swollen clit. Panting, she screamed when he pulled as he began to milk her clit. He caught the silhouette of the Security Guard at last. Seeing that he was actually masturbating to their scene on the other side of the glass, Michael was now more than ever, determined to give him a show of a lifetime.

Don’t you FUCKING CUM until I give you permission FUCKA!“ he bellowed into head as his thrusts intensified. Her panting brought her close to hyperventilation as he tried to contain her climax. Her whimpering was non-stop as he was relentless. Since she could not escape his cock, he no longer pulled her toward him but moved his hand from her hip to her nipple and twisted hard. “Don’t ever EVER FUCKING CUM TO MY OFFICE AGAIN YOU FUCKING SLUT!” One hand twisted her clit while another a nipple as he slammed her against his desk with a force she had never before encountered.

He erupted deep in her bowels. His heavy balls emptied themselves of their living magma. The moment he began to cum, so did she with a feirocity he had not known she possessed. Great quaking started deep in her ass, before the throbbing encompassed her pussy, then at last her clit. Unrelenting waves squeezed his cock as she continued to cum, tears of ecstacy streaming down her cheeks. Rivers of their mixed cum juices and jizz ran down her legs and into the carpet. He caught sight of a wad hit the glass and the shadow was gone.

DO NOT CUM to my office again. Do you understand? This is the only time we will EVER have this discussion.” He gathered her in his arms after he had returned his own clothing to a respectable condition and sat in his chair.

“Yes, Sir.” She had genuinely learned her lesson – for now. She wondered what it would be like to fuck against the large windows in the corner.