Deliciously Appreciating His HARD Work

4 min readMar 23, 2024
Photo by Wei Ding on Unsplash

She seldom visited his office — he typically kept work strictly separate from their home life — certainly from their sexual life — from her. Occasionally like now, his work overshadowed every corner of their lives. When it did, she couldn’t help but take notice. Couldn’t help but grow concerned that he needed a hand to ease his burden, for a few moments at least.

Afterall — that’s what she did best. Remind him of the strengths he possessed and how much he meant to her. In return ….. they both gained a reprieve from his overwhelmingly busy schedule.

Few people were in the suite of individual office spaces Saturday morning. Those milling about the lobby were waiting for a seminar on IT Security Systems to begin. Cassandra had no interest in attending but was thankful to piggyback entering into the building with two other attendees. Her objective was his office further into the maze of individual, frosted glass, sound-dampened office suites.

She saw him as she rounded the corner, diligently working at his computer, lost to the world. No matter how sensual she found him when his smoldering eyes meet hers, there was something powerfully erotic about a man lost in his work. Her own response to the sight of him — the excitement of catching him unaware — thrilled her. She felt her nipples harden against the soft lace of her bra. Her…