Cum in Gorgeous!

4 min readJul 23

Taking his BRAT between meetings was just the work break he needed.

Photo by Jan Kopřiva on Unsplash

“Cum in gorgeous? I’m here that is?” Stephen held the door as she stepped over the threshold. “I’m in a meeting,” pointing to his earpiece, “so be good, no talking, and sit quietly.” He took Nicki’s hand as he led her to his office. He promptly sat before screens filled with critical information needed for the business currently being discussed. She mothed the words, Yes, Sir, and kissed the back of his neck silently with languid deliberation. He swatted at her — Nicki giggled.

BEHAVE! His silent reminder was delivered with a stern face. He took the call off mute and began speaking. Nicki looked at him seductively and unbuttoned her thin silk blouse with slow, deliberate care. Wetting her lips and finger with a thick red tongue, she trailed a finger along his jaw, down the side of his neck and to the open collar of his shirt. A large hand circled her wrist to stop her actions as he paused his conference comments. I’M WARNING YOU!

Holding up her hands in a posture of surrender, Nicki immediately took two steps back from his chair. She caught a slight smile cross his thick lips as he returned his full attention to the teleconference. Without an audience, she dispensed with theatrics and stripped to her luscious nude form. Her mature curves were full, inviting and craved his heavy-handed play. Desperate times she reasoned, called for desperate measures.

You are going to pay for your antics

Moving to her hands and knees, she rubbed against his legs as if she were a cat. Fingers outstretched; she made scratching motions against the length of his legs. His voice faltered again. He shifted uncomfortably and turned his chair away from her as she playfully sharpened her nails on his steel-like erection. Had she paid attention, she would have noticed that the meeting was drawing to an end. He was saying he would be unavailable for the next thirty minutes.

To her surprise, Stephen rose abruptly from his chair, pulling her to her feet by a handful of thick brown hair. Tossing his blue-tooth earpiece on the desk, he spun his chair around so that she was bent over the arm in one fluid move. He dropped to his knees and licked the length…