Cum Back to Me: Part 4

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Photo by Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash

“I’m glad to see you hadn’t rolled out the welcome mat for your new friend.” Ben’s mood was raw as he walked into the bedroom. Looking around he was that her bed was unmade, clothes were tossed in the chair from earlier in the day and shoes littered the floor. If she had been expecting a guest, she would never have left the room in such disarray. Walking over to the cabinet beside the closet he removed several items and laid them out on the bedside table nearest him. “Do you remember your safe word?”

“Of course, I do” Her tone had lost none of its defiance in the few moments it took her to strip and get into position on the middle of her four-poster bed. Cynthia glared at Ben with a renewed fire, steeling herself for the fucking that was ahead. She couldn’t remember when she had looked forward to something as much.

“Your wrist.” It was more a command than a request. “I think safe hand signals are more accurate for this evening.” She was lying flat on her back in the middle of the bed, her head resting on a single pillow. He saw a slight, almost imperceptible dilation of her eyes at his statement.

Arms to her side. At his command she lifted the wrist closest to him. He fastened a restraint to both her wrist and ankle on the right before securing them to the posts. He then moved to the opposite side of the bed repeating his actions until she was spread eagled on the bed.

“Turn your head away from me.” He placed an earplug into her right ear and repeated the placement of one in her left. He slid his large hand beneath her head and lifted it off the pillow. With one swift, practiced move, he slid a full hood over her face. “Open that beautiful mouth,” he said more loudly than he would have usually due to the earplugs.

He slipped a ball gag into her mouth, securing it behind her head. When he was certain that the hood and gag were in place, he removed the pillow and stepped away from the bed.

The first torture he planned was for her to squirm with anticipation. He knew from their years together that she hated prolonged periods of inaction. Combined with near total isolation of her senses, he could only imagine her building sexual rage.

From the corner of the room, he tossed her clothes on the floor and sat down to watch her squirm. At first, she lay perfectly still. He knew she was trying to prove that she could remain unphased by his attempts to sexually intimidate her this evening. Within ten minutes of no approach from him, she began to squirm. Her hips rocking as she tried to adjust her legs against the leg restraints.

From his vantage point, he could see that her parted legs were glistening with pussy juice as she shifted her hips. She must be positively aching to have her cunt and clit assaulted. On the bedside table lay a number of her favorite toys, as well as several he knew she rarely if ever used. He had every intention of using every single one of them this evening.

He wondered to himself, how long can she continuously cum. He delighted at the prospect of pushing that limit this evening and finding out. She did have her safe hand signal. Once they got started, he would place one of her little-used toys in her hands so she could drop it if she reached red. He knew exactly which toy he would place in her hand.

After fifteen minutes he stood. Moving to the side of the bed he took a pair of vibrating nipple suction devices. He turned on the small vibrator, placed the cup over her nipple and pumped it up until more than half of the cup was filled with nipple and areola. Walking to the other side of the bed he repeated the action on the other side. Ben took care not to touch her other than through the use of the toys.

Cynthia was now immobile out of sheer defiance, trying not to react to the titillation of the nipple torture he had initiated. Picking up her pink dildo, he compared it to his own cock. Smiling, he delighted that he was far thicker and longer, semi-erect than the toy was in its static state. Ben placed the dildo in her restrained hand. “That meager substitute for a man is your safe drop.”

Almost as soon as he placed the pink member in her hand, he brought a riding crop down with a sharp and unexpected blow to her glistening pussy. A scream of surprise was muffled by the gag as her nails dug into the dildo. A second and third blow to her clit were delivered before he paused to place a pillow beneath her hips.

Ben marveled at the bright pink shade her sex had taken with so few strikes with his crop. Her swollen clit quivered when he used the leather tip to tease and flick the tender flesh. She rocked her pelvis in a futile attempt to escape his attention. Withdrawing the crop, he bent to suckle on her clit as if it were a titty and he a babe seeking nourishment. Feeling her first orgasmic wave quickly build, he stopped at the edge.

When there should have been pain, she felt a sting immediately replaced with a deep, sensual pleasure that filled every fiber of her being.

Delivering a blow between her forcibly parted legs with his hand, he got off the bed. A stream of cool lube soothed her burning flesh and her breathing slowed from a pant. A flick of another switch activated the next toy immediately before he inserted a hard, silicone, vibrating butt plug. Normally he would have teased her tight button with his finger or with his tongue, in preparation for such a large device. Tonight, he was not feeling generous.

He slowed his assault of her ass long enough to allow her to accommodate the plug without injury before inserting a second dildo into her hungry pussy. Cyn’s head was thrashing from side to side as she tugged on all four restraints. He carefully looked at her hand, still clenching the pink dildo. Holding tightly in her grip, he continued.

Her orgasms were almost instantaneous as he began pumping the dildo in her cunt. The strong vault contractions, married with those from her rectum pushed the toy out with impressive force. As was his goal, he began his quest to prolong her orgasmic torture in earnest.

Ben used his knee to hold the pussy dildo in place while he added additional pressure on the nipple suction devices. His nails purposefully scraping the outside of her breasts, along the outside of her torso, down her hips and thighs. His nails rather than fingertips tortured her hot clit. With strong fingertips, he milked that flesh without mercy.

Cynthia’s was screaming into the gage with every climatic wave. Her senses were reeling as one sexual act built upon another. She felt herself floating into an almost heightened plane of reality. When there should have been pain, she felt a sting immediately replaced with a deep, sensual pleasure that filled every fiber of her being. Her soul was on fire.

As intense as his erotic torture had been, it was suddenly stopped. The only sensation she felt was the continual vibration of the butt plug and nipple cups. Even his weight on the bed was absent again. She continued to cum, it was simply less intense than it had been a few moments before.

At a loss, she did not know what to expect. She could hear and see nothing. Her restraints remained solidly in place. The solitude was almost as difficult to endure as his torture.

Cyn could feel her most crushing orgasm building

Suddenly the pressure on both nipples was released. The cups were removed. A moment later, he replaced each over her nipples, not vibrating this time. The cups were filled with crushed ice and quickly inflated to bring her nipples in firm, continual contact with the ice.

She almost dropped the toy when he applied her large, plug-in wand to her raw, swollen, and brutalized sex. From clit to butt plug, he probed, prodded, and varied the speeds. Cyn could feel her most crushing orgasm building and knew that if he brought it on, she would have an impossible time holding on to the toy in her hand for more than a moment.

With determination, Ben turned the wand to the highest speed and applied it directly to her clit. With vigorous flicks of his wrist, he brought her to the apex of her sexual threshold at long last. He was merciless as he dug his fingers hard into her fleshy ass. She squired all over his hand in great rivers of pussy juice, womanly cum and piss. Ben remained unrelenting as she fought against the restraints, pulling wildly. Tears streaming down her cheeks, as she was came from her clit, cunt, and ass in unrelenting unison.

With a sudden, defining thud, the pink dildo hit the bed. It dropped from her hand. Ben immediately turned off the wand and butt plug. He removed the iced nipple clips and released her restraints. As he wrapped Cynthia in his arms, he removed the gag, hood, and earplugs. “I have an iced cloth to place between your legs my love.”

Speechless Cynthia drifted in subspace. She knew that the reprieve was momentary. If she consented, which she intended to do, Ben had more tricks up his sleeve tonight.

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