Cum Back to Me: Part 2

4 min readAug 15


Photo by leah hetteberg on Unsplash

Cynthia bid her dinner companion goodbye outside the tavern. She walked the few blocks to her home feeling turmoil within her heart. The past few years had been so challenging. Her relationship with Ben had never been easy. Lost in thought, she climbed the steps to her front door.

A bouquet of roses sat on the small table beside the door. Shaking her head, she closed her eyes and inhaled deeply. A warm hand took hers as she reached for the card. “I thought you might need a companion after all this evening.”

Retrieving the card, David turned it over before holding it out to Cynthia. “He was in the tavern. Your mind wasn’t on our conversation from the moment you returned to the table.” His statement was not an accusation or admonishment. It was his was of telling his friend that he knew what was going on. “Let’s go inside. It is likely that we are alone standing out here.” Ben’s gift of roses and card were left outside on the small table.

The moment the door closed; David gathered her shaking body in his strong arms. He held her silently, firmly. Stroking her thick, soft hair, he pressed his forehead against hers. His lips, a breath from her ear. “He doesn’t deserve you.”

Cynthia turned her head at that moment. Lips that ached to taste him for almost as long as she had known him, were captured with a ferocity that bucketed her knees. She knew that he was dominant from many previous conversations, but to experience his immediate command was an unexpected thrill.

Feeling her body soften as his mouth descended upon hers, his tongue possessing hers, he demanded her capitulation with lips as skilled with unspoken communication as his honest words had conveyed. “Come here beautiful.”

With a hand around her waist, he guided her to the sofa less than ten feet away. Lips never taking a break from their passionate kiss. Her head was spinning.

As they collapsed onto the cushions, he rolled to one side, and dropped to one knee beside her body. She lay before him. Breasts rising and falling with rapid undulation as she fought to bring her breathing under control.

He paused to appreciate the beauty of her full, luscious mounds escaping from the deep V of her purple blouse. Her skirt rising up soft, pale legs that exposed creamy and inviting hips.

David had longed to touch her curvaceous body forever. It had been a physical pain, knowing that she was involved with another. Knowing that she was never appreciated or loved as she deserved. The way he would.

“I have wanted you for more years that I care to count.” His voice was raw with emotion. Parched with an unquenchable thirst for her. Needing her to understand what she did to him and what he wanted to give her.

“You will always be my number one priority Cynthia.” His lips captured hers again as his hand slid beneath her blouse capturing her nipple in his hand for the first time. “I will see that your desires are always fulfilled.”

They both knew what he meant. Their conversations had strayed recently to her own frustrations that her own desires and needs were so blatantly ignored. That they were brushed off with a comment from Ben that he didn’t have time to begin to fulfill her sexual fantasies. That her desires for specific sensual and sexual delights – of kinks – would be addressed someday but that day never came.

Ben had talked with her about his sexual demands and what they might do – in time. David was prepared to ACT on those desires without condition.

Their mutual and individual desires, needs and fantasies, would be an immediate priority. He was prepared to lead her to mutual delights. “You are mine if you give me your consent. Tonight, and more importantly, if you consent — we may begin to work out what our lives may look like together.”

Standing at the door, looking through the side glass panes, Ben watched what was transpiring before him. “She CAN’T COCKHOLD ME! I have NEVER been COCKHOLD by any woman!” He grasped roses in his hands - what remained of roses. Thorns cut deeply into the palms of his hands while petals littered the floor at his feet.

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