Contrary Mary Gets Planted in Her Garden

She was ignoring his fundamental rule. Now he would DEMONSTRATE how she too could be taken like a barnyard animal.



Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Where are you? I’ve been calling you for the last two hours.

His text again went unanswered. He felt more frustrated than worried.

Victor knew exactly where Mary was. She had frequently shared her phone’s location on her Map APP, when she was working very early, late, during inclement weather, when she was on a road trip or flying for work or with family. The day he gave her a wedding ring, he asked her never to revoke his access again.

He could use countless adjectives to describe being married at last to his sub. Joyous, intoxicating, incredible, affirming, deliriously loving, gloriously erotic — but calming? Laughing to himself, he couldn’t in his most delightfully wild dreams call having her for either wife or sub as a relaxing, calm experience.

They had worked diligently on communication. As with her location, his requirement as her Dom, was that his text or calls be returned as soon as possible. Ten minutes if she was NOT at work, as soon as practical if she was. It was not two hours twenty minutes when he drove up to the community gardens.

Mary had a garden plot she frequently doted over. He knew that her membership of their local Coop and all the vegetables she purchased in six months cost less than what she had spent on her garden this season alone. He did not object, because she found great joy and peace from every moment she spent in her garden.

He found her near the back of the allotments, standing under a thick arbor of vining vegetables. Sunlight streaming through breaks in the foliage, illuminating her shear summer skirt as if it were glowing. Her bare feet dug into the soft dirt as she reached overhead to tie vines as heavy with melons as her own luscious breasts. Whisps of soft, hair escaped the loose knot at the back of her head, framing her beautiful face, flushed with exertion. A soft thin, black, top clung to her body with sweat, betraying her labor and not negligence to his texts. He could see her phone ten feet away, tucked in the top of her bag with a water bottle.