Bel Air Dom: Part 2

5 min readAug 1

On a hot summer night in 1978, a young Alpha Dom continues the initiation of his virginal sub.

Photo by Nicolas Ladino Silva on Unsplash

Breathless, Kathy fell against Gene’s chest. “That was – unbelievable. I had –“ He interrupted her in one fluid motion as he firmly lay her back across the bench seat of the Bel Air.

“I said I wasn’t going to take your cherry tonight, Princess. I said NOTHING about our being finished.” Her look of shock was evident even in the dimly lit interior of the car.

Gene began to pull off his own sweat-laden shirt and tossed it into the back seat with her clothes. She feasted on the image of his long, slender, muscled, torso and wondered what the rest of him looked like.

“Any time you are laying under me, you are to open your legs to me. Do you understand?” His voice was deep, rich, commanding. “Don’t make me EVER tell you again Baby.” This time, his statement was lower, more authoritative.

She was certain that she was going to find out what happened when she didn’t follow directions.

A very small part of her brain wanted to protest. The rest of her wanted nothing but to please him and do exactly as he told her to do.

“What happens if I don’t do what you tell me?” Curiosity was always a problem for her. Her grandmother told her that it would get her into more trouble than good.

“Get out.” Suddenly he opened the door of the car and stood up. “Get out of the car now. Don’t make me ask you twice.”

We don’t want prying ears coming to investigate your sexual initiation.

Like not opening her legs, she was certain that she was going to find out what happened when she didn’t follow directions. Scrambling to her feet, she exited the car and joined him at the front of the car, between the door and bumper.

“Bend over the hood of the car,” he commanded as he simultaneously pushed her forward. His fingers had instantly woven into the back of her hair, making it impossible to do anything but obey.