Bel Air Dom: Part 1

On a hot summer night in 1978, a young Alpha Dom begins the initiation of his virginal sub.

7 min readJul 30


Photo by Nicolas Ladino Silva on Unsplash

Do you want to get out of here?” Looking around the increasingly crowded pizza joint, Eugene wanted nothing but to get Kathy alone. He had watched her intently since he picked her up just before seven.

Dressed in a pale pink baby-doll blouse and Levi 501™, she looked almost perfect. Almost because she had pulled her thick, dark hair into a bun high on her head. It was how she always looked. Wire-framed granny framed glasses sat on her pink, upturned, freckled nose. Large hoop earrings and matching choker. He wondered if she knew what the choker really symbolized. He also wanted to lose his fists in her hair and see if that delicious-looking cleavage was as voluptuous as it appeared.

Shaking himself, he gave her a smile. God, she looked positively edible. “It’s getting crowded in here. I would like to – find somewhere to get to know everything about you.” Gene hoped she didn’t notice that his licked his lips as his eyes slowly raked across her beautiful face, down to her perfect tits and back to her soft, full, wet mouth.

“That’s fine. I can’t hear much of what you’re saying with all the noise in here now anyway.” Her reply was as innocent as he suspected her to be.
It took all his will power to tamp down the young alpha lion that was already roaring within him. Not wanting to miss their opportunity, he immediately got up from the table, picked up their pizza tray and walked to the counter.

As a friend of his boxed up their remaining dinner and rang the tab, she paused to talk with several of her girlfriends who had just arrived. THIS was exactly what he feared. He left the box on the counter, walked over to her, whispered in her ear and took her hand.

“We really must be going. I promised my grandmother I would be home early tonight.” She had delivered that lie without batting an eye. He was impressed. What other treats might she be capable of if given the proper direction.

The night was hot and sticky. His cherry red, 1968 Chevy Bel Air was his mechanical baby. Purchased used, three years ago when he was a senior in high school, it had recently ticked 85,000…